People are ignorant.
It’s something I have to get used to, it’s something which I must accept and move on.
I always tell myself I need to learn how to ignore them. It’s just, it’s far more difficult than it sounds. It’s either racist slurs or homophobic rants — I sit through it all on a daily basis, my brain being grated by the complete and utter lack of understanding. Sometimes I say silent, sometimes I don’t. But that’s not the point.
This happened today.
Basically, two of my classmates were sitting in class, going through an online encyclopedia, looking up the names of different diseases. For each page, they would laugh at the symptoms. Not even chuckle to themselves — they would burst into laughter, so loudly and so authentically that their eyes would be watering.
This is what has pushed me off the edge.

I don’t know how anyone can think that way.
I don’t know why some people act the way they do.
Is it somehow humourous?
Is looking down on another human being something which one can recieve pleasure from?
Is it “cool”?
Is it what has been engrained in our society?
Is it right to just close of your mind, to live in a box; to destroy everything which is not like yourself?

I search for answers — I’ve been searching for years now — and I haven’t made any progress from the day which the question emerged in my head.

People are ignorant, and I can’t help it. I can’t change “people.” They can only change themselves.
But, like a stain on a pure white surface — it’s hard to focus on the beauty of the light when there is a dark, disgusting object right in the middle of it. The more I interact with these close-minded people, the more I feel like I’m being stifled. The more words which leave their mouths, the more air I choke on.

You can’t swim in a town this shallow
You will most assuredly drown tomorrow.