fetal position much?

August 26, 2009

so, it’s been a while since I last rambled on here. Truth be told, summer (after Toronto) was pretty much filled with simple relaxation time — stay up until 4 in the morning on msn with Ed, Risa, and/or Mai, sleep until 10:30, wake up, play Pokemon, possibly make plans with Ed (since he was virtually the ONLY PERSON in Trinidad apart from Nic, who apparently was infected with a mysterious disease), possibly go to the mall, POSSIBLY to all these generic, yet LOVELY, things.
August the 19th was my 15th birthday. I didn’t do much — just went for lunch with Ed and had a Pokemonfest — but my party-esque/hang out/thing is probably going to be on Saturday. Mai is going to spend the night, and we’ll marathon Season 1 of Skins. I’m really looking forward to it, because Skins is so amazingly lovely. Mai thinks I’m a hybrid of (mainly)Cassie and (some)Effy, and Mai is pretty much Sid’s female carbon-copy. The “Sid-Cassie Moments” we have are priceless.
That aside, Summer has come to a close, and school has started again. It all feels so completely alien to me. It’s hard to believe that this is going to become a routine again.

In a nutshell: yesterday was terrible. I spent the most of it feeling like puking my guts out, I’d look around and there would be no Robin and no Mrs Chesler. It was horrible. Luckily, Mr. Kaster got ahold of Mrs. Chesler’s room (sorry, dude, it’ll be forever known as that), and so we didn’t have to go on some epic stake-out to find a new cafeteria substitute. Also on a good note, my shitty homeroom luck evaporated COMPLETELY: I was put in a homeroom with Ed; Mr. Blackburn’s — he’s a witty, cynical man, but these are obviously positive traits to me; thus, he’s absolutely brilliant. (Today, though, Lentz pulled some strings and got Ed and I into his homeroom. SO, SCORE! Now Mai, Ed and Jamie are in ONE homeroom — no more “Jamie bumming around” like I did for the past…what, 2 years of high school? Hahaa.)
Anyway. back to the first day. AP Biology put me in the worst mood ever. Our teacher was OBVIOUSLY trying to psychologically scar us. And she did. She was saying how “the workload will CRUSH you if you’re not GENUINELY INTERESTED in Biology” and I was like “AW SHIT I’M NOT GENUINELY INTERESTED IN BIOLOGY ;A;” I’ll admit, I’m good at it, and I’m definitely going to consider it for senior year (…maybe), but. Jesus Christ, that was too much for me to handle — even in “baby steps.” Plus I’m doing two other AP Courses, including the really big AP World History — so what’s the point of mucking up all of them just so I can do well in a subject which I’ll most likely not even bother to pursue? I talked it out extensively with my mother and father — and I’ll admit, I was sobbing the ENTIRE time — and we decided it was best to just drop out of it and focus on what’s important to me *right now*. It’s not like AP Courses rule the world, as most over-achievers in high school tend to preach — they do them all, wear themselves out, then just wither away later on. I was talking to one of my friends who is a Biology Major in a university in England, and she was telling me that she didn’t even sign up for AP Biology and it didn’t effect her Uni Education in any way. I don’t think I should spend most of high school being dragged down by too much work than I can handle. I don’t care because that’s not why I go to school. Sure, I’ll gladly do the work, but I really just want to develop REAL skills which I’ll REALLY use in life — not just learn shit for the sake of learning shit. :| If that means I’m not destined for any GLORIOUSLY ACADEMICALLY WONDERFUL fate, then so be it… I’d rather be happy anyway.
But thinking about the future makes me feel like rubbish, since I honestly have no clue what to do, so I’ll stop with that.
Back to school — English seems okay; I don’t have Blackburn as my English teacher, but I have Mr. Deery. He seems ridiculously strict, but I think his bark is worse than his bite. Today’s class was pretty good — despite the fact that before it, I asked Ed “what do we have now?” and he said “English” and I was like “Oh, so we can just stay in Chesler’s room… wait… oh.” Either way, it seems like an interesting class, and I hope that things work out. Psychology was sort of “meh” yesterday, but I really enjoyed it today. It’s one of the few classes which Mai, Ed and I have together — and it’s SO relaxing, despite it being an AP course. The class seems like it has the potential to grow close together, as a Psychology class should be. And we all sit around and crack jokes while doing what must be done, so that’s always enjoyable.
A.P. World History is pretty good — but the class is GIGANTIC. Like, overly full. I don’t know half of the people in it. History is history, though, and I’m a history junkie. SO IT CAN’T BE *THAT* BAD, though the whole “Grouping DBQs” thing which we’re currently practicing confuses me a lot.
Ed and I finally ended up in a Math class together — Pre-Calculus. Our abilities are pretty much the same in math — in that we’re not mathematical geniuses but we understand certain. stuff. It’s pretty weird having Math in an *English* room, though. As long as no (dull) math posters are stuck all over those bright green boards, then I’ll be fine — though I doubt such a thing can be avoided. Or can it? MATH CAN BE FUN… maybe.
Spanish 4 is grossly under-populated. The teacher — who is at least 600 years old — decked herself out in a new *bright pink* wardrobe. I know, what. She was also oddly enthusiastic. I guess she thinks that because the class is so tiny we will just be all quiet and sweet. Tomorrow’s our first full class — I’m hoping it ends up being at least *a little* bit as cracky as it was in Spanish 3. If not, I will be disappointed. ):

Overall… not bad. But still suckish.
The whole ~AP Biology~ thing really hit me hard though, I’m not sure why. I guess that’s what they call “knowing your limits” or something. At least my parents agreed with me and didn’t force me to — if they did that, I’d just want to crawl under a rock and die.
If I wrote this entry last night, there would be a considerably greater amount of whining. Today, however, was a very good day, so yes… Maybe I’ll make it. Here’s to hoping that this year doesn’t suck that much. :3

the big ten.

May 15, 2009

…Because I have a ton of thoughts flying around in my head, yet don’t have the willpower to snatch onto one and stick with it. I’ve realized that I have a really weird love for bullet posts. Hmmm.

o1. So, this Florida thing. Don’t know if I mentioned it, buuut I recently (2 weeks ago, I think?) left this little island to roam West Palm Beach. It was really fun. I got tons of shopping done, read whilst hearing my mother and aunt sing like drunken harpies (this comforts me; it reminds me of my childhood), pillaged a Rock Band (the game) drumset, and generally had a good time. Oh, and I also got sick ROUGHLY AROUND the time when the dreaded Swine Flu was announced as being in Florida. I’ll admit, I got a little panicky and everyone kept poking fun at me for it. NOT COOL. But all in all, it was a good break. I had fun~
o2. However, the make-up work when I got back to school was HORRIFIC. Well… not really. I missed an Algebra test, a Biology test, and a Chemistry test. I spazzed out a lot over it when I was in Florida, but everything ended up being fine. I sort of died in one section of the Algebra test, though, due to my inability to read instructions carefully. ( -4 points, sob. A-and I need the grade, too. T_T ) EH, IT HAPPENS.
o3. AP Exams are pretty much almost over now in school. I have none; but Ed’s own is tomorrow. Good luck~! You’ll do brilliantly, Eddeh. ♥
o4. In about two weeks…Science week. …Joy. Robin and I partnered up (after she managed to weasel herself out of a heart dissection), and we’re doing an osmosis lab demonstration with eggs and such. It’s such a ~blast from the past~… osmosis was like, at the beginning of 10th grade. Now we’re nearing the end. Where did the time go?! Jeez. …I really wanted to demonstrate a lab to the little kids, but we’re getting 6th grade and 8th grade. I’m fine with 6th grade, since that’ll be pretty fun, but 8th grade? I will purposefully break an egg in one of their obnoxious little faces. Though that’s just a generalization… the majority of that year gets on my nerves. And to think they’ll be in high school next year. /sob
o5. Course selection. I’m completely clueless as to what I’m going to do; I have the Science department hounding me down — especially my Chemistry teacher, Dr. K. Apparently, I should do AP Chemistry next year (he justifies this by saying that it’s probably his last year teaching at my school. Then he proceeds to wiggle his eyebrows and dance…) Then there’s my Biology teacher, who wants me in AP Biology. I have no clueeee what to doooo. My sign-up sheet is pathetic. So far, Pre-AP Art and Pre-AP English are the only two I have finalized. I’d do AP World History, except that’s being held at the same time as AP Chemistry, which is a problem… And I’m so fed up of math that I don’t even want to be in the same room as Calculus. However, I did triumphantly scratch off P.E. and Tech. High-School P.E. dropouts are amazing.
o6. Biology trip. Turtle-watching, turtle-tagging, hiking, waterfalls, camp songs, “what time is it…? …IT’S TURTLE TIME LIKE ALWAYS!” etc. Robin and I will totally go in a kayak together. It simply must be done. Also, I think I’m developing a mild fear of turtles. Add them to the list of animals which Jamie fears. (#1 shall always be the hippopotamus; and pretty much everyone who I come into contact with knows the deal with sloths…)
o7. And right after that we have prom. I still need a dress. Last year, I got ready on the same day and everything. Even the dress. I lost the “speeeschul prom feeling” but apparently I looked good? + That was the same day I had my first interaction with Dr. K. He tripped over and scared the living hell out of me, and the coke which I was daintily sipping sort of JOLTED and spilled on the floor/Robin. We (Robin and I) laughed. We laughed a lot. xDD
o8. Exams are soon after that. BLEH NO COMMENT
o9. the dreaded/long-awaited last day of school. oh the drama.

All in all… 10 major events. It’s amazing how quickly this year — 2009 — is flying by… ;_; But there’s still time left, so I guess I’d better enjoy it.