In A Nutshell…

December 12, 2008

Basically; this is a list of 10 things about me, which pretty much sum up my persona?

The Big Ten
1. I feel like a flamingo in a crowd of pigeons. Constantly.
2. I consider myself open-minded, but I cannot stand conservatives.
3. My body is in Trinidad, but my heart is in Japan.
4. The reason why I like Art so much is because I hate reality.
5. I don’t dress to impress — I dress to kill.
6. I can trip over air and I once choked on a single grain of rice.
7. I want to dye my hair electric blue but I can’t find/afford/get my hands on any dye.
8. Sometimes I want to feign my own death, just to see those who would care.
9. I am not nearly as quiet a person as people tend to make me out to be.
10. I am wearing fuzzy socks.

…And here’s a “Meal of Words” which describes who I am, once again… xD I’m not so sure it makes much sense… But, I tried?

Let’s plug in our speakers and turn up the tunes; sway lazily (yet gracefully) down into a chair and kick off our shoes. A small pitcher of sweet, silky gentility is plunked down on the tabletop, followed by a steaming hot kettle full of rich, splendid energy.
Grab a cup with a greedy hand; mix a concoction of the sugary, sweet delight, and sip on it with feigned grace while you wait for the entree to slide in on the scene — just like what happens in all those oh-so fake yet oh-so fabulous action movies.
Set the concoction down with a flourish as your server presents a small bowl, filled to the brim with pessimism. You slurp it down, not caring that people around you are giving you odd glances – gotta stay true to your colours, right? The soup hits the spot – just enough to contain your beast of an appetite, but not enough to fill you up.
Then comes the main course. You were never much of a big eater — however, the main course is a platter of eccentricity; because only wimps are afraid of the bizarre – and finish that up quickly, taking in the high sugar content laced in between bits of spice.
After a fair amount of time shovelling taking in all the flavours, you wonder vaguely if you’ll be able to eat anything else, but upon seeing the dessert, you know you can.
It’s a small plate of the mouth-watering dish, intricacy. You taste it, inhaling the medley of flavour — the sweet nectar, the zesty spice, and the slightly pungent essence. Taking a satisfying sip of your drink (you tilt your head back, letting yourself experience as must flavour as you can), you sit back; inhale, then exhale, and proceed to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Status: In the mood for 3 scoops of Rainbow Cream — the kind which stains your lips a dark-blue colour for the rest of the day.