June 14, 2009

It’s dawned upon us yet again — the week before exams. Possibly the only thing more grueling that taking the actual test… this week means “crunch time.” The amount of moodswings one undergoes in this lone week… it’s crazy.
First, we have the “denial” stage. As in, “I have one week left before the exam. One week is plenty of time.” Then comes the “paranoia” stage. See also: “BLOODY HELL ONE WEEK = 7 DAYS I HAVE 6 EXAMS OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.” Unfortunately, this is usually accompanied by the first signs “lethargic” stage, in which you want to study but are completely unmotivated to do so, despite being scared shitless about failing everything. Once you’ve run the “paranoia” stage dry, the “lethargic” stage still lives on, developing into the “I do not give a rat’s ass” stage, in which… you don’t give a rat’s ass.
(Ironically, this stage also rears its head in on the night before the exam. I think that’s for the best, though. I mean, if it didn’t, I’d be up all night cramming.)
But eventually, you just suck it up and do what you have to do, whatever it may be. This may involve converting a casual gathering with your friends into a history study session of epic proportions, in which you compare the World Wars to simple childhood escapades on the playground. You can also sacrifice 4-6 hours of your “long weekend” to the demons of Biology. 30 pages typed up, so far — and that doesn’t even include Ecology, which we have yet to cover. (Also ironically: the Biology exam is on Monday. The first day of exams. …Why.)

But I guess I should cherish this week, despite the “stress” which comes along with it. Exams are like a wall, separating me from summer vacation, sims 3; from goodbyes and hellos, from hopping on a plane and zipping off to god-knows-where, armed with a camera, a bag of chips, and salsa which was stolen from Mai.

Yep, this is only the beginning.


She Lives!

January 24, 2009

The sudden absence of posts over here has been pretty sad, I’ll admit. I have drafts saved, apparently — but they’re all over the place, uninteresting, and pretty pointless. In the space between my last post and this one, a lot has happened — whilst, simultaneously, not much has.
(I’ve realized that I say “simultaneously” too much, for one.)
Exams ended today — or, rather, yesterday, seeing as it’s 12 a.m as I type this. This year, midterms went incredibly well. I’m not sure about the grades which I recieved — though I think I did well — I’m talking more about how I handled myself this time around.
Last year was crazy. Or at least that’s how I remember it. I guess you could say I over-prepared myself — hence the reason why you could sit me down, right at this moment, in a room with an Ancient World History midterm… and I’d prolly do it better than most of the freshmen. xD (Though studying back in SJC was worse. Ugggh, don’t remind me.) Anyway, my main New Year’s Resolution was to be less of a workaholic this year — to enjoy things more. I wasn’t sure before, but now I’m absolutely positive: I’m a LOT less stressed out than I was back in 2008.
I sat down in the 2008 examination rooms feeling like the walking undead. This year, I felt hyper, clean (don’t ask) and well-rested. I sat there and did my very best. Sure, I was nervous, but hey, you can’t let that hold you back. The times before the exam are harder than DOING the actual exam — and probably even harder than getting results. Now that the tests are over, I can feel the knowledge which I bashed into my brains slowly relax and spread out — hopefully not to be forgotten anytime soon. (At least not until I’m done with 10th grade.)
Hm, imagine that — being in 11th grade. I can’t even think about it; life will be so different. I can only hope that I’m more of who I want to be; not the same girl I am now. I have my fair share of growing up to do.
Either way, I want to end this post on a light note. Robin and I compiled this list of emotions/actions which take place before, during and after an exam.

Jamie & Robin’s “10 Stages of Grief Brought On By Exams”~
1. Denial
2. Depression
3. Anger
4. Bargaining
5. Delusionary State
6. Acceptance
7. Murderous Tendencies
8. Fetal Position
9. Giving Up
10. Eating A Sandwich

We were quite proud to display this across the Chemistry room’s whiteboard — right next to Mr. Koester’s (Chemistry Teacher) small note — “I ♥ Ionic Net Charge!”. The Chemistry test was probably the only really hard one — other than that, I think I managed to do well!
As a treat, some friends and I may go out tomorrow. Either way, I plan on dressing up, heading over to the mall and buying a new game. My sights are set on Persona 4 for the PS2. We’ll see how it goes!

Until next time,
Jamie xx