the big ten.

May 15, 2009

…Because I have a ton of thoughts flying around in my head, yet don’t have the willpower to snatch onto one and stick with it. I’ve realized that I have a really weird love for bullet posts. Hmmm.

o1. So, this Florida thing. Don’t know if I mentioned it, buuut I recently (2 weeks ago, I think?) left this little island to roam West Palm Beach. It was really fun. I got tons of shopping done, read whilst hearing my mother and aunt sing like drunken harpies (this comforts me; it reminds me of my childhood), pillaged a Rock Band (the game) drumset, and generally had a good time. Oh, and I also got sick ROUGHLY AROUND the time when the dreaded Swine Flu was announced as being in Florida. I’ll admit, I got a little panicky and everyone kept poking fun at me for it. NOT COOL. But all in all, it was a good break. I had fun~
o2. However, the make-up work when I got back to school was HORRIFIC. Well… not really. I missed an Algebra test, a Biology test, and a Chemistry test. I spazzed out a lot over it when I was in Florida, but everything ended up being fine. I sort of died in one section of the Algebra test, though, due to my inability to read instructions carefully. ( -4 points, sob. A-and I need the grade, too. T_T ) EH, IT HAPPENS.
o3. AP Exams are pretty much almost over now in school. I have none; but Ed’s own is tomorrow. Good luck~! You’ll do brilliantly, Eddeh. ♥
o4. In about two weeks…Science week. …Joy. Robin and I partnered up (after she managed to weasel herself out of a heart dissection), and we’re doing an osmosis lab demonstration with eggs and such. It’s such a ~blast from the past~… osmosis was like, at the beginning of 10th grade. Now we’re nearing the end. Where did the time go?! Jeez. …I really wanted to demonstrate a lab to the little kids, but we’re getting 6th grade and 8th grade. I’m fine with 6th grade, since that’ll be pretty fun, but 8th grade? I will purposefully break an egg in one of their obnoxious little faces. Though that’s just a generalization… the majority of that year gets on my nerves. And to think they’ll be in high school next year. /sob
o5. Course selection. I’m completely clueless as to what I’m going to do; I have the Science department hounding me down — especially my Chemistry teacher, Dr. K. Apparently, I should do AP Chemistry next year (he justifies this by saying that it’s probably his last year teaching at my school. Then he proceeds to wiggle his eyebrows and dance…) Then there’s my Biology teacher, who wants me in AP Biology. I have no clueeee what to doooo. My sign-up sheet is pathetic. So far, Pre-AP Art and Pre-AP English are the only two I have finalized. I’d do AP World History, except that’s being held at the same time as AP Chemistry, which is a problem… And I’m so fed up of math that I don’t even want to be in the same room as Calculus. However, I did triumphantly scratch off P.E. and Tech. High-School P.E. dropouts are amazing.
o6. Biology trip. Turtle-watching, turtle-tagging, hiking, waterfalls, camp songs, “what time is it…? …IT’S TURTLE TIME LIKE ALWAYS!” etc. Robin and I will totally go in a kayak together. It simply must be done. Also, I think I’m developing a mild fear of turtles. Add them to the list of animals which Jamie fears. (#1 shall always be the hippopotamus; and pretty much everyone who I come into contact with knows the deal with sloths…)
o7. And right after that we have prom. I still need a dress. Last year, I got ready on the same day and everything. Even the dress. I lost the “speeeschul prom feeling” but apparently I looked good? + That was the same day I had my first interaction with Dr. K. He tripped over and scared the living hell out of me, and the coke which I was daintily sipping sort of JOLTED and spilled on the floor/Robin. We (Robin and I) laughed. We laughed a lot. xDD
o8. Exams are soon after that. BLEH NO COMMENT
o9. the dreaded/long-awaited last day of school. oh the drama.

All in all… 10 major events. It’s amazing how quickly this year — 2009 — is flying by… ;_; But there’s still time left, so I guess I’d better enjoy it.