“Thou Art I, and I Art Thou.”

April 24, 2009

I’ve recently got really into tarot cards and the like. Well, I guess not “recently,” since when I was a kid I had dreams of becoming a fortune teller. xDD (+ my current obsession with xxxHolic… sigh…)
Basically, they’re 22 Major Arcana and about 56 Minor Arcana in a tarot deck. The 22 Major Arcana are used in divination and stuff~ They symbolize a journey — or, more specifically, life’s journey.
The Fool, which is the first of the Major arcana, is the protagonist of a story, and the rest of the Arcana represent the Fool’s journey, or the mysteries of life, etc. This path is known traditionally in Tarot as “The Fool´s Journey.”

Here’s a list of them all, along with what I think each of them represents. (Of course, I’ve learnt about them before xD;)

0 The Fool ~ Childish, ability to tune into the inner workings of the world, wisdom, appreciation of beauty, naivety, risk-taking.
1 The Magician, The Mountebank, or The Juggler ~ immature, gaining knowledge, somewhat swell-headed but righteous
2 The High Priestess or The Popess ~ Serene grace, holiness, spiritual power
3 The Empress ~ Strength, protection, maternal instinct
4 The Emperor ~ Strength, all-around power, sometimes greed
5 The Hierophant or The Pope ~ Formality, spiritual power, discipline and maturity
6 The Lovers ~ relationships… not necessarily romance. In encompasses friendship, family, etc.
7 The Chariot ~ Self confidence accompanied by anxiety, victory, pride; External strength
8/11 Strength ~ Discipline and control. Sort of like Chariot, except its strength is more internal.
9 The Hermit ~ Reflection — looking back on how far you’ve come; solitude, inner search.
10 Wheel of Fortune ~ Luck; a drastic and sudden change of events. (Like the TV show…)
11/8 Justice ~ Atticus Fairness, logic and reason… rationality and responsibility. Sometimes with criticism and coldness.
12 The Hanged Man or The Traitor ~ Being in a spot which you can’t do anything in. Helplessness, though there is a shred of hope.
13 Death or The Trump with No Name ~ This one’s sorta tricky. I think Death represents a change — not necessary a bad change. With death comes rebirth. It’s a cycle — the end of one thing triggering the beginning of another. …Or at least that’s what I get from it.
14 Temperance ~ Feeling secure — I think this means that the change which you underwent in “death” is now somewhat regular to you. It’s synthesis, unification, healing.
15 The Devil ~ Holding on to a belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy — like someone getting drunk every night to ease their sorrows. It’s sort of like self-bondage; it’s something which is holding you down. However, he represents a HUGE amount of power, as well.
14 The Tower ~ Sudden change, which comes along with discomfort and chaos. It’s like, BAM, transformation. It can be good, or it can be disastrous. A lot of the tarot cards are like that.
17 The Star ~ The hope and inspiration which comes after a great change. It’s calming and symbolizes regeneration, offering guidance.
18 The Moon ~ When you’re following the star’s guidance, you can also fall under the care of the moon. It’s basically the lack of clarity, confusion, questioning yourself a lot… general anxiety.
19 The Sun ~ The beam of hope which follows the uncertainty of the moon.
20 Judgment or The Angel ~ it usually is associated with Christianity’s “final judgement.” Decisions are being made, and one is accepting themself for who they are.
21 The World ~ The end of the journey. You’re stopping and looking back –all which you’ve encountered, everything. Represents satisfaction, good feelings. It doesn’t encompass EVERYTHING. It’s usually like one subject. In that case, the journey begins again with a new subject — and you’re at the “Fool” place once again.

SO THERE. Those are the 22 major Arcana in tarot reading. :3 They’re amazing. I could go into more detail — like what their card images symbolize — but then I’ll be here all night. xDD

Finally, I’ll post the results of one of those “Which Major Arcana Type are YOU?!” quizzes which I’ve done recently.

You Scored as 0 – The Fool

The Fool is the most complex and most contradictory of all the Tarot cards.
“I am not a number, I am a free man”.
The Fool represents naivety and childlike innocence – yet the Fool is wise.
He carries only what possessions he really needs He journeys through life, tasting everything it has to offer then letting it go and moving on.
The Fool is a risk taker, often shown with one foot over a cliff showing us every new beginning has a risk. Whether the Fool represents opportunity or danger one thing is clear: this world needs more fools.

0 – The Fool
XIII: Death
IV – The Emperor
III – The Empress
XI: Justice
VIII – Strength
VI: The Lovers
XVI: The Tower
II – The High Priestess
I – Magician
X – Wheel of Fortune
XV: The Devil
XIX: The Sun

…I guess it isn’t really accurate, though. I mean, there’s no Star, no Moon, no Hermit, no Hierophant…still, pretty cool. xD

One Response to ““Thou Art I, and I Art Thou.””

  1. 3limes said

    I want to try. How can I take the quiz?
    Love the Atticus/Justice line!

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