More Music?! x3

April 21, 2009

I recently signed up on, and I have to admit, I like it.
I tried using it a while ago, then dubbed it as “epic fail” and carried on with life. However, this time around, I synced it to my iTunes… thus, everything which I do on iTunes comes up there.
And while it’s a little bit scary, here are the top 10 artists/bands which I listen to…along with how many times I’ve played them.
Mindless Self Indulgence (462 plays)
Paramore (107 plays)
Danny Elfman (95 plays)
The Killers (91 plays)
Atlus Games (88 plays)
Shiny Toy Guns (65 plays)
Hellogoodbye (48 plays)
Coldplay (45 plays)
The Ting Tings (31 plays)
PlayRadioPlay! (29 plays)
I think it’s pretty interesting. xD And sort of weird, since I had no clue I listened to Paramore that much. o.o I think it’s because I had a Paramore-Marathon a few months ago. xD; also lets you compare your music taste with others — from “Very Low” to “Super high.” Through it, I’ve learnt that tons of my friends and I have really similar taste in music. Plus, you can listen to previews and even download some songs for free. It’s pretty awesome — I really reccomend it. ♥

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