I’ve recently got really into tarot cards and the like. Well, I guess not “recently,” since when I was a kid I had dreams of becoming a fortune teller. xDD (+ my current obsession with xxxHolic… sigh…)
Basically, they’re 22 Major Arcana and about 56 Minor Arcana in a tarot deck. The 22 Major Arcana are used in divination and stuff~ They symbolize a journey — or, more specifically, life’s journey.
The Fool, which is the first of the Major arcana, is the protagonist of a story, and the rest of the Arcana represent the Fool’s journey, or the mysteries of life, etc. This path is known traditionally in Tarot as “The Fool´s Journey.”

Here’s a list of them all, along with what I think each of them represents. (Of course, I’ve learnt about them before xD;)

0 The Fool ~ Childish, ability to tune into the inner workings of the world, wisdom, appreciation of beauty, naivety, risk-taking.
1 The Magician, The Mountebank, or The Juggler ~ immature, gaining knowledge, somewhat swell-headed but righteous
2 The High Priestess or The Popess ~ Serene grace, holiness, spiritual power
3 The Empress ~ Strength, protection, maternal instinct
4 The Emperor ~ Strength, all-around power, sometimes greed
5 The Hierophant or The Pope ~ Formality, spiritual power, discipline and maturity
6 The Lovers ~ relationships… not necessarily romance. In encompasses friendship, family, etc.
7 The Chariot ~ Self confidence accompanied by anxiety, victory, pride; External strength
8/11 Strength ~ Discipline and control. Sort of like Chariot, except its strength is more internal.
9 The Hermit ~ Reflection — looking back on how far you’ve come; solitude, inner search.
10 Wheel of Fortune ~ Luck; a drastic and sudden change of events. (Like the TV show…)
11/8 Justice ~ Atticus Fairness, logic and reason… rationality and responsibility. Sometimes with criticism and coldness.
12 The Hanged Man or The Traitor ~ Being in a spot which you can’t do anything in. Helplessness, though there is a shred of hope.
13 Death or The Trump with No Name ~ This one’s sorta tricky. I think Death represents a change — not necessary a bad change. With death comes rebirth. It’s a cycle — the end of one thing triggering the beginning of another. …Or at least that’s what I get from it.
14 Temperance ~ Feeling secure — I think this means that the change which you underwent in “death” is now somewhat regular to you. It’s synthesis, unification, healing.
15 The Devil ~ Holding on to a belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy — like someone getting drunk every night to ease their sorrows. It’s sort of like self-bondage; it’s something which is holding you down. However, he represents a HUGE amount of power, as well.
14 The Tower ~ Sudden change, which comes along with discomfort and chaos. It’s like, BAM, transformation. It can be good, or it can be disastrous. A lot of the tarot cards are like that.
17 The Star ~ The hope and inspiration which comes after a great change. It’s calming and symbolizes regeneration, offering guidance.
18 The Moon ~ When you’re following the star’s guidance, you can also fall under the care of the moon. It’s basically the lack of clarity, confusion, questioning yourself a lot… general anxiety.
19 The Sun ~ The beam of hope which follows the uncertainty of the moon.
20 Judgment or The Angel ~ it usually is associated with Christianity’s “final judgement.” Decisions are being made, and one is accepting themself for who they are.
21 The World ~ The end of the journey. You’re stopping and looking back –all which you’ve encountered, everything. Represents satisfaction, good feelings. It doesn’t encompass EVERYTHING. It’s usually like one subject. In that case, the journey begins again with a new subject — and you’re at the “Fool” place once again.

SO THERE. Those are the 22 major Arcana in tarot reading. :3 They’re amazing. I could go into more detail — like what their card images symbolize — but then I’ll be here all night. xDD

Finally, I’ll post the results of one of those “Which Major Arcana Type are YOU?!” quizzes which I’ve done recently.

You Scored as 0 – The Fool

The Fool is the most complex and most contradictory of all the Tarot cards.
“I am not a number, I am a free man”.
The Fool represents naivety and childlike innocence – yet the Fool is wise.
He carries only what possessions he really needs He journeys through life, tasting everything it has to offer then letting it go and moving on.
The Fool is a risk taker, often shown with one foot over a cliff showing us every new beginning has a risk. Whether the Fool represents opportunity or danger one thing is clear: this world needs more fools.

0 – The Fool
XIII: Death
IV – The Emperor
III – The Empress
XI: Justice
VIII – Strength
VI: The Lovers
XVI: The Tower
II – The High Priestess
I – Magician
X – Wheel of Fortune
XV: The Devil
XIX: The Sun

…I guess it isn’t really accurate, though. I mean, there’s no Star, no Moon, no Hermit, no Hierophant…still, pretty cool. xD

memento mori.

April 22, 2009

Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning “be mindful of death,” and may be translated as “remember that you are mortal,” “remember you will die,” “remember that you must die,” or “remember your death”.

It can be thought of as either depressing or maybe even disturbing to some, but these days I’ve been thinking about mortality: about death, about life, about the purpose behind living.
I don’t think I’ll be able to understand this post if I re-read it, and I don’t know if anyone else will be able to. Regardless, I think I will right about it, because writing things out — putting my thoughts down in a tangible state — makes me feel secure.
My contemplation about ~The Meaning of Life~ may be due to playing through the Sun Social-Link level of Persona 3 (I still think the Persona series is a work of art, and I swear that I don’t fling that title around meaninglessly. It simply must be made into a novel: I swear, its depth is overlooked).
I’ll summarize it: Basically, you befriended a young guy named Akinari, who’s about 17 or 18 — maybe even 16. He was terminally ill, and wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital on any day except Sunday. He spent his “freedom” at the local shrine, where he read and wrote. He was tall and very thin, with pale skin and long, pale blonde — almost gray — hair.
At first, Akinari suffered from depression, saying that everyone lived a “fairytale” life compared to his. He frequently broke out into random fits of coughing which honestly scared the hell out of me. …He knew that he was on the verge of death, and developed something resembling a phobia of it — he talks about reading books, countless books, but never finishing them because he didn’t ever want their stories to end. Eventually, with your character’s support, he decided that he wanted to write his own novel, for no one but himself, in a small, tattered notebook. The novel focuses on a pink alligator, which represented himself, along with the alligator’s friend — a bird which could not fly. The pink alligator was ridiculed and pitied, and due to its colour, it could not catch prey easily — thus, it usually went hungry. The bird befriended the alligator, staying with it constantly and practicing its flying skills on its back.
Now, here’s where I meet a bit of a blank space, as I haven’t heard the rest of the story from Akinari yet. However, I know how it ends: the alligator got so hungry one day that it ate its bird friend. Distraught, it cried for hours, which turned into days — eventually, it made a river with its tears, which it drowned in. From its body grew a tree, which was nourished by its tears. The tree grew to be magnificent, and all of the animals of the rain forest would go there to relax and have fun. They never knew about the origins of the tree… but they found meaning in its existence.
Akinari words his story waaay more beautifully, of course… but that’s the gist. As he reached the ending, Akinari smiled and said that he was glad he met the main character. He said that his life wasn’t empty — even though it didn’t last as long as he wanted it to, he met a friend — a best friend, who was there for him everyday; who gave him hope. No matter how one tries to avoid it, the end will one day come.
He said that even though death is morbid and sad, it’s not pointless. Once someone, anyone, finds meaning in your life — even if it’s the smallest thing, like meeting every Sunday on a bench, like exchanging a smile or a nod — once someone finds meaning in your existence, your life was not for naught. And thus, your death wasn’t, either. He gives you the tattered notebook which he wrote his story in, then says that he’s sure that you two will meet again someday. He then becomes transparent and disappears.
It turned out that he died during the week, and his spirit had returned to the Shrine to exchange his final words with you. Honestly, that scene was very touching — very touching, and I’ll admit, I cried for at least half an hour after seeing it on YouTube.
I’ll admit: I’m afraid of death. Not because of the pain I might go through, or because it’s the end of me — I’m more afraid of what it’ll do to the people in my life. How will they react? Would they fall into depression? If they were unable to move on, I would grow horribly sad as well. Would they cry for me, but still move on? Would I be okay with that? I think I would be — I want to see those important to me happy. But would they forget about me? …Or would it just be another life which reached its end, another overlooked article in the obituaries?
I don’t want people to become distraught over my death, whenever it happens — hopefully in the very far future. I want them to care, but to move on. I don’t want them to forget me, and I’m sure they won’t. Even if they do, whatever we did together, whatever we experienced… it still happened, regardless of whether or not they remember it. It would survive on the wind’s breath; it will be engraved in time. And I think that itself is what will give both my life and my death meaning.

“The only people for me are the mad ones — the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue center-light pop, and everybody goes ‘Oooh’…”

-Jack Kerouac

More Music?! x3

April 21, 2009

I recently signed up on last.fm, and I have to admit, I like it.
I tried using it a while ago, then dubbed it as “epic fail” and carried on with life. However, this time around, I synced it to my iTunes… thus, everything which I do on iTunes comes up there.
And while it’s a little bit scary, here are the top 10 artists/bands which I listen to…along with how many times I’ve played them.
Mindless Self Indulgence (462 plays)
Paramore (107 plays)
Danny Elfman (95 plays)
The Killers (91 plays)
Atlus Games (88 plays)
Shiny Toy Guns (65 plays)
Hellogoodbye (48 plays)
Coldplay (45 plays)
The Ting Tings (31 plays)
PlayRadioPlay! (29 plays)
I think it’s pretty interesting. xD And sort of weird, since I had no clue I listened to Paramore that much. o.o I think it’s because I had a Paramore-Marathon a few months ago. xD;

Last.fm also lets you compare your music taste with others — from “Very Low” to “Super high.” Through it, I’ve learnt that tons of my friends and I have really similar taste in music. Plus, you can listen to previews and even download some songs for free. It’s pretty awesome — I really reccomend it. ♥

Confession: I still like Avril Lavigne.
She’s not the same person she used to be back in Let Go and Under My Skin (Let Go specifically), but c’mon. Ignoring The Best Damn Thing‘s general fan-base, which has the potential to make me lose faith in humanity as a whole, it’s pretty awesome. It has that “chick rock” feel, and it’s oozing with self-confidence (maybe a little too much? xD) and general wildness. I don’t really LOVE it, but I don’t hate it. …Of course, this is blasphemy to many of the people who I associate with. I think listening to Girlfriend is like a guilty pleasure.
Then there’s Decode by Paramore. Ignoring the fact that it was in Twilight — which etiolated it for me, since I can be shallow like that — it’s an amazing song. I listened to it over and over this morning, and I have to say, the lyrics are brilliant. Paramore’s amazing, I don’t think it’s even capable of disappointing me. The fact that they support organizations like To Write Love On Her Arms only sweetens the deal. Their name is rather clever, too — Paramore → “paramour,” which is basically a love affair, or “par l’amour,” for my love. PRETTY COOL.
The band which has been on repeat on my iTunes ever since Spring Break began is… *drumroll*… The Killers. This River Is Wild, Bling (Confessions Of A King), Bones, all of it. Is there even a song by them which I don’t obsessively fawn over? The lead singer’s voice is so unique! It’s something that’s rare in general, not just nowadays. Most of the bands these days have lead singers which sound exactly the same. And the lyrics which they come with are amazing, too.
Flyleaf and I have such a love/hate relationship, it’s not even funny. x_x Sometimes I love them, and at other times I think they’re melodramatic and that the lead singer sounds as if she’s yodeling. What’s This?, which they did in Nightmare Revisited, was pretty epic though — it took a while to grow on me, seeing as it’s so different from the original in The Nightmare Before Christmas… it’s more toned down, more mystified, a bit more depressing. The original was in awe, excited, dance-like. Both work though.

I can’t stand the All-American Rejects. I don’t even want to talk about my hatred for them. They just…fail. Miserably. I don’t like Fall Out Boy that much, either — but that’s only because of Pete Wentz, I think. He thinks he’s hot shit, and that’s pretty much the BIGGEST TURN OFF for me. ): I like some F.O.B songs, but only a little. They’re reeeeally overrated and overplayed, and as much as I’d like to say that I can ignore that aspect of their music, I can’t. Blleeeeh.

Yiruma makes me shed tears. That’s how beautiful his piano sounds. I recommend Do You, it’s simple, soft, and gorgeous.
In contrast to this is Mindless Self Indulgence. They’re crude, they’re vulgar, the lead singer is probably mentally unstable… but agh. Their music just makes me want to DANCE, not in the cutesy way, but in MY way, which is basically jumping around and letting your inner demons loose. They perfectly balance hardcore with electronica, and the results are deliciously evil. …Some of their songs make me feel like vomiting, though… I usually ignore their lyrics and focus on the beat, but sometimes the lyrics get waaaay too prominent. xDD; They’re so not for the faint-hearted. .__.;
The Birthday Massacre’s sorta like MSI, but they’re way less vulgar and more electronic than hardcore. Still, they’re pretty damn awesome.
Hellogoodbye makes me so happy. More electronica. Happy beats, happy lyrics. Plus, they have a song called “Dear Jamie…Sincerely Me,” what’s not to love? xD “All Time Low” is another favourite. Another good electronic band is Freezepop (“I’m Not Your Gameboy” is SUCH a cool name for a song…) …I listen to too much electronic stuff, so I’ll stop rambling about it xDD

The Ting Tings are more mellow, but they have this jazzy sound to them which made me fall in love with them from the first song. Traffic Light, Fruit Machine, and Be The One are my three favourites — I have to look more into them, but still! So much love.
Sticking to the mellow thing — Coldplay. Who doesn’t like Coldplay? ‘Nuff said. Lenka’s pretty brill, too — she’s soft, but not in a sickening way, in a sweet way. Her “Like A Song” is my favourite, along with “The Show,” which STILL MAKES ME THINK OF JUNO. It should so be on the Juno soundtrack! Errgh.
Speaking of soundtracks (segways ftw!), there’s Danny Elfman. I LOVE HIM AND I NEED MORE OF HIS WORK. Then we have Shoji Meguro (who did both of Persona 4’s + Persona 3’s), is incredibly capable of balancing electronica, rock, and classical. I crave his music, even though I cannot understand a word of it, since it’s in Japanese. (Then again, I have tons of jRock. There’s the Gazette, Alice Nine, An Cafe, D’esparis Ray, Girugamesh, LM.C…)
I heard Aqualung’s “Strange & Beautiful” SOMEWHERE, I think it was on a fanmix for one of the anime which I like… so, technically, it’s not considered part of a “soundtrack” (is it?). That aside, it’s so sad. Unrequited love, combined with a sad little piano? Do you want to make my heart melt, Aqualung? Jeez. ;_;

Anyway, it’s time for me to go download more stuff — specifically The Ataris, who I think I am falling in love with. My friend sent me an album of theirs, and god. ♥

It seems as though it’s that time of the year… the time when I get thoroughly obsessed with Sims 2. With Sims 3 just around the corner, I figured it was time to get my Sims Skillz back in gear.
This time, I decided to stick with one solid family and play through its generations. They’re a pretty kooky cast of characters, so I’ve decided to dedicate a post to them.
So, sit back, and meet…
The Godzilla Family.
Please note: I like giving my Sims random names. Yeahh.

First up is…
Google Godzilla.
Aspiration: Knowledge. From tracking down Aliens to playing chess.
Career Path: Science, of course! His lifetime want is to become a Mad Scientist.
Background Info: Jebus’ father. Google was once married to Wikipedia, but, alas! Tragedy struck, and Wikipedia died at a very young age. At any rate, Google is still a cheerful, jolly old man. He’s playful and kind, and he spoils Jebus rotten. x3 He hopes to one day be a good enough Scientist so that he can resurrect Wikipedia from the dead. (Believe it or not, I think he actually WILL do this… unless he dies first). He’s delightfully pudgy and makes friends easily. Think “grandpa,” and there you go. It’s impossible to beat him in a game of chess. ._.;

Madame Godzilla
Jebus Godzilla.
Aspiration: Fortune. She wants money, and she wants lots of it.
Career Path: Criminal. I HONESTLY CANNOT BE BLAMED FOR THIS. It’s her “Lifetime Want,” and I want her dreams to come true~ Besides, I was pretty curious about this path. xD
Background Info: When she was fresh out of college, Jebus moved in with her best friend, Cupcake, and her fiance, Vamp. (Later on, Google, her father, joined the household.) She’s an outgoing, playful woman who lives her life on the edge — hence her job choice. She’s very friendly — she’s buds with tons of the other residents of Inaba (the town which they live in). Jebus has 3 children — IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE TWO. One older boy and one younger boy — but Jebus had twins the second time much to my horror, so it ended up being one older boy (Mudkip) and two younger boys (Reichu & Harle). Grrah. I’m not sure if Jebus makes a good mother… the children seem to be growing up fine, but Cupcake was the one who took care of them the most when they were babies. (She taught all three of them how to walk AND talk! ALL THREE.) I can actually recall Jebus putting a hungry baby Mudkip on the floor of the kitchen, then proceeding to make herself a grilled cheese sandwich. xDDD I guess it’s what makes her more loveable. ♥

Vamp Godzilla.
Aspiration: Pleasure. He really just wants a simple life, filled with bubble baths and television-watching.
Career Path: Culinary. His lifetime want — it suits him so well!
Background Info: I have decided that Vamp is Italian. He moved in with Jebus after College. ^^ Vamp’s the easy-going guy which everyone loves. A bit sloppy, but so playful and jolly that you’ll just want to give him a big hug. …And, no, he’s actually not a vampire. I actually got him turned into one, but the entire household SPAZZED, I didn’t know if he could go outside during the day (WAS NOT WILLING TO TAKE THE RISK), he was LURKING instead of walking and kept on hissing at everything (even the bathtub). It was annoying, so I changed him into a human. :’D Everyone was so relieved… except for his eldest son, Mudkip. I think Mudkip thought it was cool? Oh, and yeah… in that picture of him, he was pretending to be a pirate in the bathtub. …Yep.

Mudkip Godzilla.
Aspiration: Family — Mudkip’s perfect daddy material.
University Major: Art
Background Info: Mudkip’s the eldest of Vamp and Jebus’ sons. He’s currently in college with Muff, Cupcake’s son, who he’s actually engaged to. Mudkip’s timid, soft-spoken and sometimes a little bit too nice. I suppose he’s a “happy medium” between Jebus and Vamp — he has Jebus’ wit but not her snark, and he has Vamp’s jolliness but not his laziness. Mudkip doesn’t mess around that much, he’s got a good head on his shoulders. It’s hard getting him to make friends (since he’s so shy), but the friends which he DOES have all love him to bits. I think he’s going to either become a Chief (like his father) or an Artist. I think his fondness for having long hair is because of Vamp, since Vamp has even longer hair. xD;

Reichu Godzilla.
Aspiration: Fortune, just like his Momma.
University Major: n/a, but he’s going to go into the “Paranormal Investigator” career track.
Background Info: One of Jebus’ twin boys~ Reichu’s an outgoing teenager who idolizes Vic Vector — to the point where he claims to be Vic Vector’s child (parent-teacher conferences… sigh…). Reichu is artistic, always wanting to help out Vamp in the kitchen (the last time he made a meal without supervision, he almost burnt the house down…). He’s a wiz at playing the piano.

Harle Godzilla.
Aspiration: Knowledge~
University Major: n/a, I still haven’t decided which career I want him to pursue… Maybe Science, since he has a fondness for it.
Background Info: Harle is the second twin. He’s more studious and serious than Reichu, but he’s just as outgoing. He’s pretty much a genius — his skill in chess rivals that of his grandfather — and he always gets straight A’s at school. He spends a lot of time either studying or going on the computer… a very calm guy. Him and his twin brother are not a force to be reckoned with.

Cupcake Godzilla.
(If you’re confused… In the Sims 2, all roommates adopt the same last name. I think it’s done by household or something.)
Aspiration: Fortune, just like Jebus.
Career Path: Medicine! She’s damn good at it, too. Her Lifetime Want is to make 100,000 bucks, so I really just tossed her in the first job opening they had. ._.;
Background Info: Jebus’ BFF! They moved in together after college (this is getting rather repetitive xDD). During her college days, Cupcake was wild — going to tons of parties, drinking and “woo-hoo”-ing it up. Thus, she got “knocked up.” Cupcake was strong, though, and she decided that with Jebus, Vamp and her future spouse, she had more than enough help. She had baby Muff. (Get it, Muff? Muffin? Cupcake? ISN’T THAT ADORABLE~? ♥)
Despite this incident, Cupcake’s still a party animal. She’s just more careful about it now. She’s also bit of a neat-freak… you can count on her to do all the dishes after a family meal. She’s even maxed out her Cleaning skill! Madness. Cupcake’s very motherly — she raised Muff sooo well, and she also took care of Mudkip and the twins. …Oh, god. Do not get me started with the twins. I couldn’t tear Cupcake away from them. She even skipped work once to stay with them… I guess she didn’t trust the Nanny? (Then again, who would?)

Vic Vector Godzilla.
Aspiration: Family! I was so happy when I discovered that. xD; (since he was a random townie who Cupcake just-so-happened to begin dating).
Career Path: Medicine, like Cupcake. It’s sorta funny, because they get promoted at the same pace. xD In the picture, he’s practicing his surgical skillz on a dummy.
Background Info: Vic Vector was a non-playable, residential Sim. Cupcake needed someone to love, and one day, he came home with her from work. I wondered if the two were compatible, and, huzzah, they were! Vic Vector’s real name is Victor, but I refuse to call him by this. Mm, yeah, not much to say about this guy. After he moved in, he just… clicked. A good addition to the family. Awesome with kids — him and Cupcake DOMINATED the twins (Mudkip had moved on to College at that point. I don’t think he’s even met Vic Vector yet. Hell, I don’t even know if he’s met Muff yet! Dang…). At one point, they were hogging the children so much that I had to lock them out of the nursery. xDD;

Aspiration: Family
University Major: Psychology
Background Info: Muff’s currently Cupcake’s only child. He attends college with Mudkip. Muff is a lot like Vamp — hence why the two are best friends — but Muff is a tad more serious and way less lazy. xD He’s a calm guy who really just wants to live a peaceful life. He’s decided to pursue music when he gets out of college (it’s virtually impossible to get him away from his drum set). And, of course, he must look a little eccentric. That’s what makes him Cupcake’s kid. xDD Him and Mudkip recently got engaged, and they cherish each other. Thus, when the two get married, Jebus and Cupcake will be sister-in-laws~

Ze Godzilla Household
o1. Front yard of massive epic-ness, which still needs a swing set, + Back yard of massive epic-ness. The back yard is mainly one huge pool, but it has a decent-sized area to the side of said pool… of which I fill with Rewards, instruments, and other random crap which can’t fit in the house.
o2. 1st floor → Living room of fail (it makes me feel like sneezing and I don’t know why), dining room + kitchen, bathroom, family room (television, piano, couches, computer…), garage/study (yes, I put the bookshelves and the computer in the garage, WHAT OF IT.)
o3. 2nd floor → Jebus & Vamp’s bedroom, Cupcake & Vic Vector’s bedroom, Rei & Harle’s bedroom, Google’s bedroom + one bathroom. When I ship Rei and Harle off to College, I’ll turn their bedroom into a Nursery once again. :’D NURSERIES ARE SO CUTEE ♥♥ There’s also the balcony leading out of Cupcake’s bedroom, which has the staircase leading to the 3rd floor.
o4. 3rd floor → Basically… this is one gigantic room, which I have dubbed as “The Godzilla Floor.” I’m going to display portraits of most of, if not all, the Godzilla family members in this room — but only their Adult selves. In front of each portrait is a small table, which will eventually bare the urn containing the ashes of the Sim (after they’re dead — so ghosts can come, yay~). It’s so cool and dramatic~ ;_; This way, I won’t forget anyone as their family moves on. :’D but I think I’ll cry every time one of them dies

Anyway, I’ll prolly add a graveyard in (after cleaning up the incredibly random backyard…) so that I’ll have space for other… mishaps. >_>; I still dunno if I’ll put portraits of Cupcake and Vic Vector up in the Godzilla Floor… but I probably will. xDD

And here are just some random screenshots which I took of the family~
Jebus hugging one of the twins~! I love the expressions. Jebus is all motherly, and the baby’s like, “lol, ‘sup?”

Vamp & the twins as toddlers. :3 They were automatically clothed in little pink and blue tuxedos! Sooo cute.

Jebus & the twins — as toddlers yet again. She’s in her work clothes. >_>; I love this picture. It’s so suspicious. xDD Oh, and this was one of those rare moments when she decided to try to teach baby Reichu how to talk. She gave up and left 2 seconds afterwards. ._.;

This is why I love the Culinary career track.

Alright, he’s not part of the Godzilla household. He’s from another one of my households — the Lunar household. Basically, he’s Gill and he’s a Mad Scientist who’s in love with an alien (who may just be one of the most GORGEOUS Sims which I have ever created). Him and said alien had a kid together. :3 (The kid is eventually going to get married to Harle. Ooh, spoilers!)

The alien… Zomborg Lunar. SHE’S BEAUTIFUL. She’s also very innocent and somewhat ditzy. She’s still trying to get used to Earth, and she usually has moments where she points to a telescope and is all “wtf is this monstrosity.” She desperately needs more Skill points. Why, you ask? Well…
Ami (daughter): “jkfdngjf mom what have you DONE”
Meanwhile, Gill was happily playing on the family swing-set. (Don’t worry, fire brigade came really shortly afterwards).

Ami’s the child of Gill and Zomborg. She’s also an alien, however she’s way more accustomed to Earth than her mother is. She’s going to get married to Harle… someday. x3;

Anyhoo, that’s my Sims family. It’s a little dysfunctional, but I think that’s what makes it so fun. xDD I’m hoping I can play through at least some of its generations. Either way, I’m terribly proud of each of them. :’D

I decided to go to the mall yesterday and get my hair done. (I don’t care if it’s vain, I love messing around with my hair. xD;) A while ago, Mai told me that I’d look good with bangs, so I bit the bullet and went for it.

So, now…
Jamie has a thick fringe. xDD
I actually really like it. Mai and I are also now ~bang buddies~, which is pretty rad.

April decided to whip out the Paint software and do a portrait of me. This was the result:
by april x3
Ahahaha. xDD

My Persona 4 uniform also arrived yesterday. (Girls’ version. x3) The skirt’s insanely short, but I suppose I can just wear leggings with it. xDD Cosplaying is so much fun ♥