The Blues

March 4, 2009

I’ll have you know that I haven’t been painfully inactive on here. Nope. I posted a new poem on the poetry page, and I plan on posting up new pictures on the photography page.
For the past few days — more specifically, since Carnival ended — I’ve been feeling incredibly inferior to everyone else. I have no clue why — I just am — and it sucks. I have a horrible habit of being far too harsh on myself and my work in general, and therefore it’s as if I’m stuck in a strange state of hopelessness. It’ll probably pass soon. I blame my hormones. Either way, this tends to happen every 2 months or so… it happened back in December, too. It usually ends with me making some huge breakthrough. Last time, in December, it was when I began writing Symphony. This time, I don’t know what the “EUREKA!”-moment will be… but I think I’m slowly getting there.

For one: I’ve decided to rewrite Symphony. Why? Well, I was (am still) reading To Kill A Mockingbird for my English class, and I think my style from before was filled with too much voice and not enough description. I want it to be taken more seriously, and I think the first draft of Symphony had way too much revealed in the very first chapter. Complex storylines require complex planning, and I’m willing to think things out, to draw things out. I don’t want it to be trite; something read over and over, not taken seriously. I don’t want it to be a photocopy of a million other novels. No, Symphony is going to be my pride and my joy — and I’m going to hook the reader on it. I’m going to make them addicted to it, unable to put it down or to tear their eyes away from it. I’m going to make them fill their bath up with warm water and read whilst soaking, when they should be bathing. So, as my Chemistry teacher would say, “NO MORE SPOON-FEEDING.”
I’m also renaming Kana to “Sousette,” aka “Sou,” and I’m making her have more of a backbone. I’m also going to change the “curse” aspect which she was born into — instead, she’s going to have to take part in the book’s events to avoid the curse. AND SHE’S THE MAYOR’S DAUGHTER NOW. …Everyone else’s backstories are pretty much the same, though.

Secondly: Photography. I’ve been thinking about a “theme” for Photography club — for my portfolio. 6 pictures, united under one theme which tells a story. I’ve snagged a *perfect* one. I had tons of fun with the “Fruit” photoshoot — the “Great Escape,” as I call it — and my final verdict concerning my theme… is based on it. It will tell the tale of a crime which occurred in the fruit world. MR. DETECTIVE ORANGE WILL HAVE TO INVESTIGATE THE BRUTAL MUTILATION OF MS. PEAR. I think. It’ll be really short, but still, it sounds like it’ll be tons of fun. I’ll have to go to the grocery to select my models though, ahaha.

One Response to “The Blues”

  1. 3limes said

    Can’t wait to see the photos of the great fruit escapade!

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