The World of A Girl Gamer.

November 22, 2008

Mysims' Box-Art


Anyone who knows me well knows of my love of video games.
I have a passion for gaming. Some people look down on this, thinking that it’s silly and a complete waste of time — however, I’d beg to differ.
Inside the world of games, you’re taken away to a place unlike you’ve seen before. In that way, playing games is a lot like reading. In classics, like Pokemon and Final Fantasy, you’re pulled into a world where you have to scrape together a team and overcome various obstacles, getting stronger and stronger along the way. I’ll never forget the Summer of 2008 — Edward and I were particularly obsessed with the newest release of the Pokemon saga (Diamond Version) and we would stay up to the wee hours of the morning, conversing over MSN whilst simultaneously taking on the vast region of Sinnoh. Good times, good times. xD Though I still believe that the older generations of that particular series were the best…
My love of gaming eventually caught on to another one of my friends — Robin. It all started with Mysims — a cutesy little game which wasn’t all that to me. Robin, however, developed an INCREDIBLE passion for this particular game — we would play it at least twice whenever she visited — and eventually, Robin decided that she would get a Wii, in order to pursue the world of Life Stimulation games furthur. I’m not complaining at all — the more gamers, the merrier!
One other series which I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with is Animal Crossing. My friends are painfully aware of this. The new installment, Animal Crossing: City Folk, was released last week Sunday, and I am ITCHING to play it! (The local game store said they’d get it in on the release date. One week later, and still no Animal Crossing. I’m very annoyed — I could have ordered it off Amazon and it’d be here now! But I suppose half the thrill is the wait, right?) Animal Crossing is like no other game — it’s life stimulation to the point where the clock ticks in real-time, seasons come and go, and you get to celebrate real-world events inside of the game. Friends who also own the game can visit your town (as in Animal Crossing, you create a player and get pluncked into a randomly generated town with randomly generated neighbours), and you can run amock and hit each other on the head with bug-catching nets. Really and truly, Animal Crossing’s “plot” is simple — and it’s that simplicity which makes it one of the best series ever created. xDD
I suppose that my games sort of are a chance to escape from this drab, intoxicatingly routine life, and go sailing down into a new place — where “stress” only pops up when I can figure out the next step to solving a puzzle or don’t have enough in-game money to buy that new rare item. (Even in those cases, it’s not stressful. It could be frustrating, but that’s what makes it a good game, right?) There are no formulae to memorize, no equations to solve, no molar mass calculations and nothing to drill into my head. There are no shallow snobs, no close-minded individuals, and no one is there to point the accusatory finger. It’s just my controller and me.

2 Responses to “The World of A Girl Gamer.”

  1. eddmah said

    The pokedays/ nights. Those were the days WORTH living.

  2. asliceofawesome said

    when you do get Animal Crossing, I’d love to trade friend codes with you :)

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