♫ Oh-kay, this page was getting a bit too cluttered for my liking (clutter is a muse-killer sometimes, I swear). Ergo, I’ve moved my photography over here.

♫ Recent photo batches will be previewed here (soon, I promise xD), but they’ll also go on my gallery. Sooo… you can find all of my older photos over there! ♥

♫ I’m still taking comments over here, so feel free to say whatever you want.

6 Responses to “‹Photography›”

  1. 3limes said

    WOW. You are amazing.You have a great eye and a true artist’s spirit. Never stop creating.

  2. Salomé .B. said

    You’re brill my gel, simply hiking farther into the caves of creativity where life has no limits. You deserve to be there with all the great artists and thinkers of time.
    Keep on filling the pages.

  3. 3limes said

    Put up the new ones! I want to see piano girl…and by the way you absolutely deserve a doll for Christmas. I think you will put it to excellent use. So stop feeling guilty and ask for it!!!

  4. 3limes said

    like the new ones. Black and white looks interesting. hmmmmm.

  5. jkrobin94 said

    AW! THE DUCK! “Now what?” AW!

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